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Simple Hina dolls


Hinaco is a brand new series of Japanese Hina dolls created by Sakyou Inc., a historic Hina doll workshop. We reconsidered what Hina dolls originally meant at the Japanese festival "Hina Matsuri" where people pray for children's healthy growth. As a result, we arrived at a simple form without pedestals or ornamentations.


Blending into everyday life


Hinaco is a great option for those who feel distant from traditional Hina dolls placed on a large, extravagant pedestal. We simplified various elements of a traditional Hina doll so that it can be easily incorporated into our modern life.


Mix and match however you like


There is more than just one way to display Hinaco. You can display one doll by itself, or place three dolls with the same hairstyle side by side. You can mix and match however you like. Moreover, since it takes a minimum effort for maintenance, dolls can be displayed all year round regardless of the season.


One and only doll in the world


Dolls' haori (traditional Japanese coat) is made of rare dead-stock textiles that were once used for the traditional Hina dolls. There are no dolls of exactly the same design, as craftsmen manufacture each of them by hand. You should be able to find a perfect doll for yourself.


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株式会社 左京


Sakyou Inc. is a Hina doll workshop that has been active in Shizuoka since its establishment in 1923. For almost 100 years, we have been protecting traditional Japanese culture that started in Heian era. Looking ahead to the next 100 years, we are designing what tradition should look like.

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